Open Micro SaaS Roadmap

Welcome to the Open Micro SaaS Roadmap! Our journey is fueled by innovation, community feedback, and a commitment to delivering an exceptional toolkit for developers and businesses alike. Here, we outline our plans for upcoming features, improvements, and milestones, giving you a glimpse into the future of Open Micro SaaS.

💬 Your Feedback Matters

Do you want a feature? Your insights, suggestions, and feedback play a crucial role in shaping the roadmap of Open Micro SaaS. If you have ideas or feature requests, don't hesitate to share them with us. Together, we can build something amazing.

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🏆 What's already done

Here are the features that we have already added to Open Micro SaaS:

  • User Authentication: We have added user authentication using Next Auth.
  • Custom Landing Page: We have added a custom landing page to the application.
  • Stripe Integration: We have added Stripe integration to the application.
  • Checkout Page: We have added a checkout page to the application.
  • Email configuration: We have added email configuration to the application.
  • Responsive Design: We have made the application responsive for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Public and Private Views: We have added public and private views to the application.
  • Automated Testing: We have added integration testing to the application.
  • Documentation: We have added documentation to the application.

🌟 What's Next for Open Micro SaaS

Our roadmap is more than just a list of upcoming features; it's a reflection of our dedication to making Open Micro SaaS the go-to solution for building SaaS applications with ease and efficiency. Here's what we're working on:

🔜 Short-Term Goals (Next 3 Months or less)

Your feedback is what drives our short-term goals. Please vote for the features you want to see next, or suggest new ones in out Github Issues Page (opens in a new tab).

Probably some of the features that we are planning to add in the next 3 months are:

Check (opens in a new tab) or request a feature via Github: Share Your Feedback via Github (opens in a new tab)

🌌 Long-Term Vision (Next 12 Months and Beyond)

Our long-term vision for Open Micro SaaS is to provide a comprehensive toolkit for building SaaS applications that are scalable, secure, and user-friendly. Here are some of the features we're considering for the future:

  • Internationalization Support (opens in a new tab): Making it easier to create multi-lingual applications to reach a global audience.
  • Update the architecture: We are considering to facilitate the update of the architecture, for example, if you want to split the frontend and the backend into two different repositories.
  • Advanced Analytics Features: Integrating comprehensive analytics tools to help you understand your users better and make data-driven decisions.

Check (opens in a new tab) or request a feature via Github: Share Your Feedback via Github (opens in a new tab)

🛣️ Join Us on the Journey

Join the community (opens in a new tab) and help shape the future of Open Micro SaaS. Your feedback, ideas, and contributions are invaluable to us.

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