Explore Core Features of Open Micro SaaS, the Next.js SaaS template

Open Micro SaaS is enriched with a suite of powerful features and a configuration-driven approach, ensuring your project is not just built but crafted to perfection. Let's explore the core features of Open Micro SaaS:

Pre-Built Landing Page & UI Components

Kickstart your project with a beautifully designed, responsive landing page, complete with customizable UI components. Tailor the look and feel of your application without starting from scratch, saving time and effort without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

  • Ready-to-Deploy: A landing page ready out of the box, featuring essential sections like pricing, features, and contact.
  • Customizable Components: Easily modify UI components to align with your branding and style preferences using our configuration file.

To know more about the landing page, check out the Landing Page tutorial.

Seamless User Authentication

Streamline user access with our robust authentication system. Supporting a variety of authentication strategies, Open Micro SaaS ensures your users' data is secure, and access is seamless.

  • Flexible Authentication: From social logins to magic email links, choose the method that best fits your application.
  • Enhanced Security: Built with best practices to safeguard against vulnerabilities and protect user data.

To know more about the user authentication, check out the User authentication tutorial.

Simplified Billing System with Stripe

Monetize your SaaS effortlessly with our Stripe-integrated billing system. From subscription management to payment processing, everything is set up to help you focus on scaling your business.

  • Stripe Integration: Leverage Stripe for secure and reliable payment processing.
  • Versatile Subscription Models: Offer a variety of subscription options to meet the diverse needs of your users.

To know more about the billing system with Stripe, check out the Stripe configuration tutorial.

Intuitive Admin Dashboard

Manage your application with ease using our admin dashboard, initially focused on user management. Monitor registered users and manage your platform efficiently from one central location.

  • User Overview: Keep track of your user base with a detailed list of registered users.
  • Future-Ready: Designed for scalability, the dashboard is prepared for future expansions, including analytics and settings configuration.

Features flags New

As part of the configuration-driven approach, Open Micro SaaS comes with feature flags that allow you to enable or disable features based on your requirements.

  • Feature Toggles: Enable or disable features with a simple configuration change.
  • Granular Control: Customize your application's behavior based on user requirements or business needs.

This works without third party services, and is built into the application (For now).

In the future, we may integrate with third party services for more advanced feature flagging or if there are performance issues.

To know more about this, check out the Github issue. (opens in a new tab)

Customizable Configuration File

Gain unparalleled control over your application with our comprehensive configuration file. From routing to mail settings and site metadata, customize every detail to fit your specific requirements.

  • Easy Configuration: Adjust settings like authentication routes, mail configuration, and more with simple modifications to the configuration file.
  • Dynamic Site Metadata & Navigation: Tailor your site's title, description, and navigation links to ensure consistency across your application.

Analytics (extensible)

Track and analyze user behavior with Google Analytics, integrated seamlessly into Open Micro SaaS.

Gain valuable insights into your users' interactions and optimize your application for better performance.

Currently is integrated with Google Analytics, but is designed to be extensible to other analytics platforms with minimal effort.

Customer support (extensible)

Provide exceptional customer support with our integrated chat widget, powered by Crisp.

This is designed to be extensible to other customer support platforms with minimal effort.

Developer-Centric Design

Open Micro SaaS is created with developers in mind, emphasizing a smooth development process, extensive documentation, and community support.

  • Streamlined Development: Jumpstart your project with pre-configured Docker containers and detailed API documentation.
  • Community Support: Benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the Open Micro SaaS developer community.

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